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Innovation is the secret component behind every machine. We invest heavily in our Research & Development department. The success of Powerking, Oxpower and Birla Agro Machines by Mhaswadkar can be attributed to our strong R&D investment.

Mhaswadkar has always striven towards technology driven innovation to its customers. We are relentlessly focused on the future dedicating resources to push our customers and industry forward. We solve agriculture problems by developing novel ideas and seeing them through to completion. Our values are reflected in our approach to innovation.

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Innovation with Collaboration

The group has a wide network that connects it to the world. This connection stimulates innovative thinking and fosters collaboration. We cultivate an ecosystem tailor made for innovation. When it comes to innovative ideas we don’t just rely on imported innovation, we believe our farmers may not have an academic degree but they have far more practical wisdom than any academia.

Any big innovation has its roots in a small idea and so we invite farmers and innovators who have discovered something new in the field of agriculture and collaborate with them to bring their ideas into reality. While doing this we ensure they get the reward they deserve before introducing their idea to the world.

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